You can walk along the water most of the way between Victoria’s Inner Harbour and the wharves at Ogden Point where the cruise ships dock. The distance is about three kilometres (just under two miles).

The benches I describe start at the base of Yates at the Hyack Adventure Centre. From there you can walk by the marinas and float plane docks to Ship Point Wharf, then to your left to the lower causeway. On the south side of the harbour are the First Nations’ artisans and the ornate CPR building. Go up to street level there, past the Black Ball (Coho) Ferry and the Seattle Clipper terminals. Take the walkway that goes down along the water again around Laurel Point. Pass the Japanese Azumaya and the Pier One Marina and go up the fire lane by the Coast Hotels. Turn right along a wooden walkway that brings you to a view of Fisherman’s Wharf. You have to go up to the street and then back down the walkway to get to Fisherman’s Wharf.

Once you have explored the floating homes and shops at Fisherman’s Wharf, go up the street by Shoal Point to Dallas Road. From there you will be on the sidewalk, going past the Coast Guard headquarters to Pier B at Ogden Point; pass storage yards for boats and horse carriages to 199 Dallas Road—the breakwater and the beginning of the Dallas Road walkway.

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