Rebecca Kennel’s new book, Victoria—Bench by Bench, A creative guide to over 60 intriguing sites, (Rebecca Kennel Publishing, September 2010) is a guidebook, a personal journal, and a historical record of places in and around spectacular Victoria, British Columbia.

Kennel was born in Montana, raised in Saskatchewan, and moved to Victoria, British Columbia in 2004. Her love of writing, exploring, and learning led her to discover inspiring places to sit and write. As she dug deeper into the history of the locations, she discovered interesting details that she shared with her friends: “Did you know that. . .” Kennel soon discovered some people who had lived in Victoria all of their lives weren’t aware of some of the places she found or the history. She has writtenVictoria—Bench by Bench to share what she has learned and her own experience.

When not searching out great places to write, Rebecca Kennel finds other excuses to be outdoors. She loves biking, wandering, and talking to strangers.

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